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Large Council Tax Rise Decision

Newport Conservatives - Monday, December 02, 2019
Large Council Tax Rise Decision

Are we due a MASSIVE Council Tax Rise announcement just days after the General Election?

Newport Conservative group are concerned that Newport Council are purposely delaying making an announcement outlining plans for a ‘Big Council Tax Rise’ - until after the General Election is held on 12th December.

Newport Conservative Group think this is a fair question to ask of the Council prior to the General Election on the 12th December.

Last year in 2018, Newport Council made an announcement on Wednesday 5th December, revealing plans for a possible 6.95% rise in Council Tax. If the same were to occur this year on Wednesday 4th December, it would come eight days before the General Election on the 12th December.

However... when we questioned Newport Council, they stated that budgetary and tax rises would not be discussed this year until a Cabinet meeting on 18th December - this is 6 days after the General Election.

So why are Newport Council so late in announcing their future plans for Council Tax?

Although Newport Council have not yet revealed any plans, Caerphilly Borough Council have announced plans for a 7% tax increase next year. The announcement from Caerphilly Council came on the 19th November.

Are Purdah Election laws causing the Council to delay announcement? We don’t think so.

In a post to the Electoral Commission via Twitter, St.Julians Conservative Activist Michael Enea asked:-

“Does Purdah mean Local Councils have to delay revealing potential Council Tax Rises until after the General Election? Caerphilly Council have revealed plans for a 7% increase. Yet Newport Council are holding back? - when every year they reveal plans in first week of December?”

Mr Enea also said “I could be wrong, but I don’t believe there should be any reason for Newport Council to delay on making an announcement on next year's Council Tax rate. Its a normal process of the local authority. Purdah rules at a local level during a national election are there just to prevent the Council as an entity becoming involved in partisan campaigning?

When pushed for an answer on why the announcement was later this year, the Council refused to answer. They simply said that the agenda for the Cabinet Meeting on the 18th December - will be posted online - on the 11th December.

Labour will continue to RIP TAX PAYERS OFF!

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