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Caerleon Needs a Voice


The Prospective Conservative candidates for Caerleon Ward are pictured above (left to right) Richard Andrews, Joan Watkins and Michael Enea, and they are all focused on addressing the many issues affecting residents across the ward. Passionate about improving Caerleon for all, they will prove to be a strong and effective team for the ward .... with plenty of experience to draw upon.

Key areas of focus include:

  • •   Air Pollution.
  • •   Housing Development/Campus site.
  • •   Loss of children's play areas.
  • •   The need for dropped kerbs in certain areas.
  • •   Condition of local roads and fixing the many potholes.
  • •   Fly tipping and litter issues.
  • •   Dog fouling - we want better enforcement and stiff penalties.
  • •   Anti-social behaviour in the Lodge area - we will work hard to improve things for all.
  • •   The need for Caerleon railway station - which would considerably ease traffic congestion.
  • •   Poor condition of the buildings at Caerleon Comprehensive School.
  • •   Challenge the use of '106 Money' from the housing development on Ponthir Road - where is this money and why hasn't it been used to improve local facilities/children's play areas?
  • •   Noticeable absence of Labour Councillors ... are they working for the interests of Caerleon residents?

The Caerleon Conservative team truly want to hear your views, and we absolutely promise to listen and react to your concerns. Why not fill in our secure and easy to use Online Survey?


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