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Community Centre Funds

City News, Page of Shame

How would you prefer the Council spent your hard-earned money? On things that benefit the community, or marketing gimmicks?

Residents have highlighted the condition of Shaftesbury Community Centre to us. So we asked the Council to confirm how much funding it had received over the last 3 years.

We were surprised to learn that just £5,802.99 had been spent on Shaftesbury's Community Centre, compared with the £54,241.29 spent on Ringland's and £32,535.46 on Alway's community centres - both strong Labour held wards.

People work hard to put on great events at the community centres across the city. However, your Councillors need to be doing their bit as well. Community centre funding should be distributed fairly among the different areas of Newport. This is something that your Councillors should be raising on your behalf in Council meetings. What have they been doing instead?

In the last 8 months Labour has spent over £55,000 on talking to consultants about re-branding Newport as the "City of Democracy". Imagine the difference £55,000 could have made to our communities!

We will ensure that your money is spent – because yes, it is your money – on things that will actually benefit you. Things like your Community Centres.

We want to offer you a better service as Councillors. We shall continue to listen to you, and we will work hard to ensure that Shaftesbury's and Newport's other Community Centres needs are not forgotten when budgets are being set.

Carol Bader and Michael Duncan
Candidates for Shaftesbury Ward, Newport City Council Elections

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