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Matthew Evans PPC

City News


Matthew Evans was selected by Newport West Conservative Association on Saturday the 19th October 2019, to stand as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Newport West Constituency.

Many people from across the City of Newport will know Matthew and how hard working he is. Many will know that it was Matthew as Leader of the Council between 2008 and 2012 who brought together the stakeholders and instigated the building of our fabulous new shopping mall Friars Walk - yes .... this was a Conservative initiative in partnership with the Liberal Democrat coalition.


More recently it was the Newport Conservative Group that has forced the Labour led Council to rethink and invest in the failing Market Quarter. We campaigned hard at the last General and Local Elections on this issue and we still believe we can and will do more than Labour ever will, in regard to the regeneration of Newport City Centre as a whole.

There are plenty of articles throughout our website and on our Facebook page that regularly highlight the issues we address across Newport. We believe everyone in Newport deserves a brighter future and we absolutely believe that Matthew Evans and the Newport Conservative Group can bring hope and a positive future for all. Here's how you can help us in advance of the by-election on 4th April 2019:


Matthew is currently the Leader of the Conservative Opposition on Newport City Council, and a current Conservative Councillor for the Allt-yr-yn Ward in Newport, and has retained this seat on the Council since 1999. Formerly Matthew was the proprietor of a corporate catering business, based in Newport.

Matthew was raised in Newport West, and his family have lived here for generations. Consequently Matthew is often found in the city centre talking with residents and business owners alike covering a massive range of topics that affect their lives in Newport.

As a former Leader of Newport Council he was instrumental in leading a number of key strategic projects and played an active role in their successful delivery e.g. Friars Walk retail development. As a former Mayor of the City of Newport, Matthew has been privileged to visit many community based projects and to engage with numerous local organisations and companies - so has a detailed perspective of Newport and all that's going on within the city.

  • •   Mayor of the City of Newport May 2014- 2015.
  • •   Leader of the Council 2008- 2012.
  • •   Leader of the Conservative Opposition 2004-2008, 2012-2014 and presently.
  • •   Conservative Councillor Newport City Council 1999 - Present.

Voluntary and Community Work:

  • •   Clytha School Governor 1999- Present.
  • •   Glasllwch School Governor 1999 – Present.
  • •   Member of the RFCA 2012- Present.

Other Interests:

  • •   Member of the Ridgeway Community Centre Management Committee 1999- Present.
  • •   Member of Newport Gwent Dragons.
  • •   Member of Oakfield Constitutional Club.
  • •   Member of Bannatyne’s Health Club.
  • •   Member and Former Captain of Stow Park Tennis Club.
  • •   Friend of Newport Rugby Club.

Matthew is always available to help residents and the wider community of Newport - so please feel free to get in touch with him via our secure Contact page.


Mon 18-02-2019: I am saddened to hear about the death of Paul Flynn MP. Although politically we were on different sides of the planet, personally I always found him helpful and accommodating. He served Newport for over thirty years with passion and commitment. My deepest sympathies to Sam and his family.